Saturday, 13 January 2018

   Here we have it folks, a new empties post, and although it may not seem like a lot, these few products have been some of my favourites in 2017. A big change in my skincare habits have been at night, particularly by using a hot cloth cleanser. I've found myself reaching for these at night, as for me they remove make up much gentler than micellar water, and my skin seemed to be looking much better for it. Both of these products I would surely buy again, as they've not only become products that I love, but ones that I need within my routine now.


   As said before, hot cloth cleansers have been a skin saviour this year, and the Body Shop have some great ones that you don't need to spend a fortune on. This Camomile Cleansing Butter works in the same way, by taking a little and massaging into the skin at night to remove any make up. The butter soon turns into an oil, which you can then remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth or flannel. Of course, this would be a first cleanse followed by a simple gel cleanser, but on some lazy evenings, I have used this on its own with a toner and moisturiser. As for scent, this is super calming for nighttime, but isn't strong or overpowering, and since it's from the Body Shop I'm assured that nothing nasty will make my skin flare out. 


   This has been a shower staple for some time now, and this isn't the first time that this shower gel has featured here. I must admit that this is probably my favourite shower gel from Lush, as it's fresh and fruity scent is right up my street. For some, and me when money is tight, affording shower gels like this can be tricky, but if I'm honest these do last quite a while as a little goes a long way. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

   Another year has come to an end, and as I round up with a good ol' favourites post for you, I'm also reflecting on all of my other favourites from this year. This year has been rather productive when it came to completing some of last year's resolutions, I'm reading much more, I got myself two new jobs, I was paid for my first writing job, and I was given the hardest acting role of my life (which I loved). As I continue into 2018, I've also written some new goals for myself, which I can hopefully carry on ticking off. For now, how's about some of my favourite beauty, fashion and lifestyle pieces from this month?

  Of course the statement earring was huge towards the end of this year, with so many high street stores making them available in every colour of the rainbow. Topshop in particular pushed out the boat with their selection of earrings, and I couldn't resist adding to my collection with these bright stunners. Initially I had the intention of pairing these, and colour clashing with a bright orange-red trouser, and bright, pink lip (The same pink lip that you'll see below) and I couldn't have been more in love. By having such a statement earring, you'll find that building an outfit around them is much easier, especially with a colour as amazing as these!

   Do you remember that bright, pink lip that I was talking about earlier? Well, this is it. I've been meaning to try the Body Shop's liquid lipsticks for some time now, and since I had an occasion to buy for, I decided to finally purchase. As I've been obsessed with colour recently, I naturally went for the brightest shade of pink that they had, which clashes perfectly with the green earrings too. The formula of these are quite smooth and silky in application, and so when dried, doesn't feel too matte on the lips (Almost a satin matte lipstick). They also have some great shades which I'm certain to return for.

   Alongside the liquid lipstick, I've been pairing it with this lip liner to create the lip dream team. Not only does a lip liner help with tracing an outline for you, but by filling in the whole lip, can make any other product last that little bit longer. I'd say that the colour matches quite well, and work together to bring out even more brightness.

   This month has certainly been the time for experimenting with style, and I couldn't be happier about it. A big part of my style this season has been leopard print, whether it's in my clothing or my footwear. In the past I used to think of this print as a little tacky, but now I've realised that I don't mind it if the print itself is quite large. That's why I've been loving these lil' heels, whether it's dressing them up or down, and even pairing them with a pair of sparkly socks (Oh yeah, I wasn't messing around when I said 'experimenting') Clashing prints has also been a major part of my style, especially when it comes to leopard and stripes, trust Meg here.

   The story behind this book is a rather long one, which I may have to do a further post on all by itself, but essentially this phrase has been dominating my life for pretty much the whole of 2017. A phrase which speaks way past the obvious, and so when I was given this as part of a secret Santa gift, I couldn't have been more excited. (And you should definitely check this out for yourself, if you're feeling a lack of self-confidence!)

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


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   Since getting 'older' (I still hate to admit it) I've heard many people say that the magic of Christmas can sometimes fade, but for me I feel that I've only ever gotten more excited, and more so recently. I'd say that for the past two years I've been so into the festivities, and perhaps a big part of that is being able to have a much longer holiday period than high school or college. Because of my time off, I've been able to enjoy myself much more, and have that excited run-up to Christmas which of course I'm very grateful for. But alas the big day has been, and wherever or however you celebrated, I hope that you truly enjoyed yourselves! As well as that, also being thankful for what we do have around us, whether that's gifts, a roof over our heads or family and friends. For my family, we had our usual tradition of Christmas dinner in pyjama bottoms, and then settling in with a gin for all of the good telly. Victoria. The Great Christmas Bake Off. I was pretty much sorted.

   As for this year, many exciting things have happened, not only with this blog but also in my general life-living. With this space, I've changed my name to Meaning of Megan (Let's hope that this one sticks around!), I've been paid for my first article, I'd like to think that my photography / editing is getting better, and generally my content is too. Within my personal life, I've made some serious self-improvements that I know are going to stick around, I've got myself a job (or two), I'm really beginning to make progress now with my degree, and hopefully next year I can continue with that and beyond...

   Recently I've been thinking a lot about my future, which not only gets me excited, but also puts a lot of other things in my life now into perspective - As well as giving me a kick up the backside to get myself into gear. In 2018, I hope to make some small changes to myself in order to reach a little more towards that future. Of course, without context this may sound like some proverbial code, but essentially in 2018 I'll be making some small steps towards the bigger picture, and perhaps you will too.

   Yet again, over the past year I've had some amazing support from people like you who read this lil' blog of mine, as well as over on my socials. It still makes me all giddy when someone can enjoy my writing, and so I just wanted to say a BIG thank you if you have ever clicked, liked, or shared one of my blog posts, because the support truly amazes me. The other day, I read tweets from other, 'bigger' bloggers, about how they're so glad to have finished work for the holidays, or just finished up on their last photo shoot for 2017. I was then editing blog photos on Christmas Eve, but then realised it was because I still took photos, wrote, and edited for the same reason I did 4 years ago - Because it was fun. I still have fun doing this, because of course it's not my job, and the 'fun' is what I need to continue with as I enter 2018.

It's been a year 2017, here's to another.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

   It's been a long time coming, but I can finally show you my finished bedroom interior, along with some extra festive decks that I've scattered about for the season. If you'd have seen my old bedroom HERE, then you'll notice that some furniture is still the same, I've just given it a little re-vamp and made my room much brighter, by lightening the colour scheme and injecting some colour in to it. Initially I had seen the colour palette below, of a baby pink, dark green, and a bright yellow, all of which I wanted to include throughout my new bedroom. Of course, although I hate to admit that I am getting older now, I also wanted a maturity about the styling of the interior, as well as being quirky and most importantly being able to suit my style.

Eames Inspired Desk Chair - eBay

Clothing Rail - IKEA (Mulig)

Shelving Unit - B&Q

Geometric Storage Boxes - Matalan (Similar)

Wooden Jewellery Box - The Works

Pink Canister - George @ ASDA

'My Jewellery' Holder - Sass & Belle

Desk Accessories - H&M Home

Kraft Clipboard - Paperchase

Christmas Bunting - Ginger Ray @ Paperchase

Artificial Christmas Tree - Paperchase

Metallic Mini Glass Baubles - Paperchase

   Beginning with the walls, which were a major part in the transformation, by choosing a lighter shade I was able to bring more light in order to create a bigger space. In the end I chose the lightest, almost white, pink shade, only contrasting ever so slightly with the off-white on the rest of the walls. This was because I didn't want to go too bright of a pink, and it ending up becoming a little girls room. Of course, after the foundations were there, the best bit was to then add all of the soft furnishings. If you'd like, you can see the Pinterest board I had made HERE, where I kept most ideas of how I wanted my new space too look.

   A big change to my room was getting rid of my wardrobe, and replacing it with a clothing rail and shoe rack, something which not only looks better, but also allows me to reach for clothes that I perhaps don't wear as often since I can physically see them. As for shoes, the same also applies, and every so often I'll alternate shoes that I display and keep the rest under my bed in plastic storage boxes. As for my desk, the space is so much tidier, and feels minimal which is what I was aiming for.

Shoe Rack - Argos

Set of Cactus - IKEA

Phone Case - Skinny Dip London

   With some pieces in my room, particularly the wooden jewellery box and set of cactus, I also personalised them by hand-painting geometric designs in the same colour palette as my room. This was super simple, and really effective for making things your own, by simply using acrylic paint and tape. This would be great to do on files, picture frames, make up brush pots, the list is endless really. 

   In other parts of my room, all of my furniture has stayed white, however this time I've taken elements of natural wood to give it a Scandinavian edge. I've been loving this combo, and having monochrome and copper alongside, has tied the look together perfectly in my opinion. For example, the addition of the black picture frames, with some of my favourite prints, or the copper detailing on the wire basket on my shelves - I'd like to think that I've taken the scheme right the way through my bedroom. 

Full Length Mirror - Argos

Metal Wire Basket - Homebase

Decorative Plate - Tesco

Picture Frames - Wilko

Bedding - Primark

Monochrome Cushion - IKEA (Stockholm)

Velvet Cushion - Primark

Gingerbread Felt Bunting - Paperchase

   I always think that sometimes it's in the detail, and so little things like matching candles, prints, and cushions, can really tie a room together, and by having a simple colour on the walls, I'm also able to change up these details whenever I like. That's why I've also been loving adding the extra festive details around the room, mostly from Paperchase and Ginger Ray, including a mini Christmas tree, bunting, and lots of fairy lights of course!

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